At Ever Upward we have a strong commitment financially to our community and beyond. Our staff are volunteers so all money donated go directly to the Lord’s work. We believe in three levels of giving:

  1. Tithes to the local church
  2. Seed offering (sowing into other ministries)
  3. Alms for the poor

If you feel lead to give an offering to this ministry we would like to say thank you and we will commit our team into praying for you to see you blessed and walking in the favour of God.


New Build Project



We are in the process of updating one of our buildings. This is going to be done in 2 stages.

Stage 1 – Updating the current building, fully functioning cafe and functions area.

Stage 2 – Putting on the extension to the building as you can see in the above images.

If you feel to donate to help us make this a reality, please reference it New Build so we can direct the funds accordingly.


Donate online with PayPal by clicking the link below.